⭐ EasyBackup ⭐ Easy and powerful backup service - Protecting servers since 2015

GOLD ⭐ EasyBackup ⭐ Easy and powerful backup service - Protecting servers since 2015 3.3.7

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Easy and powerful backup service - Protecting servers since 2015!

Why use EasyBackup?

You never know when a hard drive will fail, or when another force op glitch is found, or when a staff member turns evil. EasyBackup will protect your server!

EasyBackup saves ALL your server files into a compressed and encrypted zipped file. You can even have it automatically upload to an FTP server or a dropbox account.


Make sure to check out the documentation if you are not sure if this plugin is right for you


✓ Backup all files to zipped folder - the default setting creates a backup of your whole server directory including all subdirectories and files
Incremental Backups - only backup files which have changed since the last backup (READ MORE)
✓ Backup MySQL databases - you can backup your whole database too
Restore backups - you "accidentally" placed tnt next to a redstone torch? just restore the backup automatically using the restore command
Exempt Files - you don't want your huge log files to be backed up? No problem
✓ Powerful compression - choose from HIGHEST, HIGH, NORMAL, LOW, LOWEST, NONE
✓ Secure encryption (AES) - if you want, all backups get encrypted
✓ Lightning fast backups - create backups within seconds (depending on the compression level)
✓ Scheduled backups - cron schedules and an own schedule system are supported!
✓ FTP automatic uploads - supports FTP, FTPS (SSL), and SFTP (SSL)
✓ Dropbox uploads - Uploads backups automatically to your dropbox account
✓ Google Drive uploads - Uploads backups automatically to your google drive account
✓ No lag - slows down backup if server has low tps
✓ Easy to use - just drop the plugin in your plugins folder, restart and you are protected
✓ Language settings - translate the plugin to your language
✓ Backup limits - auto delete old backups
✓ Completely configurable
✓ Cleaner
- can auto delete old player data and logs
✓ Config security - passwords in config get encrypted
✓ Safety checks - avoid using more disk space than you have
✓ Disk view - view file count and server size on disk
✓ Events - run server or system commands based on backup progress
✓ API - create own upload services or run events based on backup state
✓ Spigot support
✓ BungeeCord support

You can find a more detailed view of all features here: https://prodigysupport.team/wiki/x/FwAP

Each user has a limit of 5 servers the plugin can be used on. If you have more servers, please create a ticket on the service desk


Add EasyBackup to your plugin's folder and start your server.
You do not need to configure anything, and it will backup all your server files daily.

Spoiler: settings.yml

Spoiler: messages.yml


/easybackup [about/help] - Shows the help page
/easybackup create [name] - creates a backup [easybackup.command.create|easybackup.command.create.name]
/easybackup cancel - cancels a backup in progress [easybackup.command.cancel]
/easybackup upload - upload the latest backup to all enabled upload types [easybackup.command.upload]
/easybackup disk - get disk information regarding file count and server size [easybackup.command.disk]
/easybackup clean - delete old logs and playerdata [easybackup.command.clean]
/easybackup reload - reload the config [easybackup.command.reload]

Messages get sent to all staff members at the same time. To receive them, you need the 'easybackup.notify' permission

Read more about the commands & permissions here: https://prodigysupport.team/wiki/x/GQAP


Video made by @SoulStriker_, thanks

If you need any help, please check out the wiki first. Support is given on this discord server only, however, you may open a conversation here on spigotmc for private questions. Do not ask for support in the reviews section.

Spoiler: Disclaimer

By downloading this plugin you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. and the Privacy Policy.
This Plugin uses a custom fork of mysql-backup4j and @Aikar's AnnotationCommandFramework. Make sure to check it out

The addon load system was provided by @JoeyPlayzTV. Thank you very much for the contribution
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