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While we play, please remember those suffering because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Epidemic is not intended to make light of the horrific suffering that many around the world are facing, and using Epidemic in that way is NOT supported or endorsed.

In the spirit of this, if you would rather make a donation to a COVID relief fund, Red Cross, local foodbank or other worthy cause, in the amount of at least $8.00 USD, send me the receipt via message or Discord and I'll add you to the buyers list.

Epidemic allows you to add illness and injury to your server, making survival that much more difficult.

Whether you want to have your players risk a cut or broken leg from being attacked or from a fall, to food poisoning when they eat, to a light fever all the way up to a full blown plague that causes blindness and confusion, or just looking to add some difficulty and make your players deal with thirst and temperature extremes? Epidemic has you covered.

Epidemic is highly configurable, allowing you to create your own illnesses and injuries, letting you decide how likely a player is to suffer and how badly. You can even decide if you want the illness to be contagious or if a broken leg can develop into an infection! Potion effects such as slowness, blindness and confusion can all be added to an illness, making the player work to stay alive. Real consequences to a fall beyond losing a half-heart of health means real survival.

With Epidemic on your server, your players can even hide their symptoms and infect other players - or even use infected arrows and splash potions to infect their enemies!

Each injury or illness can have its own cure added, so if your player suffers a broken leg, no problem - they can craft a splint, or travel into town and buy one from a store.

Visit the documentation for more details:

Join the Discord *-


Remedies available via the menu..

Showing their crafting recipes



Players vomiting is pretty gross, but that'll happen when you're sick


Wounds bleed.. better have a bandage on hand!


Whether you've purchased Epidemic or not, please feel free to send me a message on Discord, Spigot, use the discussion page or use the Issue Tracker to get in touch.

Issue Tracker: https://github.com/torpkev/epidemic_docs/issues


epidemic.admin gives access all permissions except epidemic.invincible makes the player immune to any ailment
epidemic.cure gives access to /cure
epidemic.recipes.display gives access to remedies via /epidemic recipes
epidemic.remedy.take allows player to take remedies from /epidemic recipes
epidemic.health gives access to /health
epidemic.infect gives access to /infect
epidemic.invincible makes the player immune to all ailments
epidemic.temp gives access to the /temp command
epidemic.temp.info gives access to the /temp info command


/epidemic recipes - This gives you a list of all the available remedies and when you click them, shows you how to craft them
/epidemic debug - This enables the debug mode which will output a lot of additional information to console, used for reporting issues
/health - This allows a player to view their current health status
/infect <player> <ailment> - You can inflict an ailment on any online player
/cure <player> - Cure any player quickly and easily
/temp - Displays your current temperature
/temp info - Displays your current temperature and additional information


Epidemic is highly configurable, and you can create as many injuries and illnesses as you'd like. Each ailment and remedy has its own yml configuration file - you can get much more information about those in the documentation:



Spoiler: Cures List
Using the "/epidemic cures" command gives access to all the cures available in the game

Spoiler: Plague
Player contracts the plague which causes intermittent blindness - Until the cure is crafted!

Spoiler: Broken Leg
A fall causes a broken leg and bleeding

Spoiler: Infection/Confusion
Infection sets in and includes additional effects, including dizziness/confusion

Spoiler: Splint
A broken leg is cured after the player makes a splint


  • You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any form
  • You may not decompile, modify or claim this code as your own
  • Only use it for your own server/network
  • Discord access is at my discretion and moderated accordingly
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