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✦ DeluxeCombat ✦ | Ultimate powerful combat resource for every server

GOLD ✦ DeluxeCombat ✦ | Ultimate powerful combat resource for every server 1.40.5

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New features with nearly every update.
So its always worth checking this list out <3


  • Tag two or multiple players who are fighting
  • Display combat progress in ACTION or BOSS-bar
  • Execute commands on tag start / end
  • Whitelist / blacklist commands that can / cannot be executed by the players during combat
  • Whitelist / blacklist worldguard regions in which the combat tagger will work
  • Let your players glow when they are combat tagged
  • Get tagged by arrows, tridents, potions, punshes!
  • Supports Crystal PvP!
  • Prevent kill stealing and disallow other players from hitting you while you are fighting
  • Prevent breaking / placing blocks while you are fighting
  • Prevent the interaction with certain blocks during combat
  • Disable the combat tagger in certain worlds
  • If you are tagged, you can still pvp with other tagged players in pvp deny regions.
  • Actionbar can be customized with placeholders, custom progress chars / icons and hex colors!
  • Tag players that are fighting with monsters or custom bosses
  • Display combat progress in ACTION or BOSS-bar
  • Hex-Color support for the Actionbar.
  • Combat duration can be changed
  • Whitelist monsters or monster names that wont combat tag you
  • Disable the pve tagger in complete worlds
  • ( Same features as the PvP Combat Tagger )
  • Execute commands on combatlog ( e.g /ban )
  • Execute commands on rejoin ( e.g /jail )
  • Drop items, Clear inventory, Spawn lootable gravestone, Spawn a combatlog npc / corpse
  • NPCs are wearing armor and they can drop exp
  • Support for Citizens NPCs
  • Broadcast combatlog
  • Broadcast item location
  • Prevent people from leaving a pvp area
  • Display a real border to the player ( Made out of blocks )
  • Use the block you want. You can use every block from stone to colored glass!
  • The blocks are just visible to the target, not to other players
  • Optional there is a invisible border which gives you an knockback effect when trying to leave the pvp area
  • Particle effect when trying to pass the invisible border
  • Configurable knockback strength
  • Works out of the box with worldguard, towny and ultimateclaims regions! No extra setup needed.
  • Punish your players for interacting with the border.
  • Remove the weapon cooldown and bring back the old version 1.8 pvp!
  • Remove the cooldown only during combat
  • Select worlds in which the cooldown is still enabled
  • Old Player Health Regeneration! (Customizeable!)
  • InGame Weapon Damage Editor to customize the base damage of each weapon in the game
  • Old Sharpness Damage Multiplier
  • Disable the offhand completely
  • Disable the usage of shields / crafting of shields
  • Bring back the old fishing rod knockback!
  • Disable pulling players with fishing rods
  • Bring back the old snowball, egg and enderpearl knockback!
  • Bring back the old armor damage reduction
  • Option to configure the durability reduction per hit
  • Option to configure the burn delay
  • Disable certain sounds from being played
  • Each player can toggle their pvp with /togglepvp
  • Current pvp toggle status can be displayed in the tablist
  • WorldGuard flag (pvp-force) to force toggle pvp
  • Cooldown on the /togglepvp command
  • Cooldown on the /togglepvp command on kill, to give the victim a chance to take revenge
  • /togglepvp confirm command to prevent players from accidentally activating their pvp
  • Force toggle pvp on join
  • Prevent players from placing fire / lava near you when your pvp is disabled.
  • Force enable / disable pvp in certain worlds
  • Disable / enable pvp on the server
  • Your current pvp status gets saved on logout
  • Deny creative gamemodes in combat
  • Prevent players from flying during combat
  • Prevent players from riptiding during combat
  • Prevent players from sleeping during combat
  • Prevent players from changing their armor during combat
  • Deny god / vanish / disguise during combat*
  • Disable potions of invisibility in combat
  • Create a custom knockback (Toggle between packet and non packet based knockback)
  • Remove the netherite knockback resistance
  • Setup a custom hit delay
  • Anti Item Theft: Decide which players can pickup the items of a killed player ( KILLER, VICTIM or UNTAGGED players )
  • Lightning strike on kill
  • Anti Kill Farming: IP Address check to prevent players from kill farming with alt accounts!
  • Easily control the usage of Enderpearls, Chorus Fruits, Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples, Totem of Undying and Elytren
  • Prevent the usage of the items stated above with:
  • 3 Blocking Modes: During Combat, Out of Combat or Both
  • Control or limit the usage of the items stated above by applying a Cooldown Rule to them
  • 3 Cooldown Rules: During Combat, Out of Combat or Both
  • Display a cooldown timer in the actionbar
  • Disabled Worlds option to apply the restriction rules only to certain worlds
  • Support for the new item cooldown system of minecraft
  • Disable Vanilla Enchantments during combat
  • Disable the usage of certain materials during combat
  • Disable the interaction with certain blocks during combat
  • Disable the interaction with certain entity types during combat (Citizens supported!)
  • Disable the usage of the mending enchantment during combat
  • Disable the usage of certain potions during combat

  • Protect newbies from getting spawn trapped / killed
  • Protection from all kinds of damage
  • Automatically applied when first joining your server
  • Prevent players from placing lava / fire near protected players
  • Prevent newbies from picking up items
  • Prevent newbies from executing certain commands or only allow a few commands they can run
  • Disabled worlds option where the newbie protection is paused
  • Emergency commands that will automatically be executed by the console when the newbie gets stuck
  • Region barriers*: Prevent newbies from entering pvp zones
  • Configurable time

  • Set bounties on other players
  • Remove taxes from the bounty
  • Let the target glow with an active bounty
  • Set the target into combat mode with bounty
  • Let the bounty automatically expire after a certain amount of minutes
  • Set a special prefix with an active bounty
  • Min. / Max. bounty value
  • Option to attach multiple bounties to one player
  • Simple to use menu to create a bounty
  • Set the bounty anonymous, so nobody knows that you have created it
  • Bypass permission to be immune against bounties.
  • Bounty Compass: Let your players track down a bounty!
  • Bounty List Menu: Display all active bounties in a GUI
  • Bounty Expire Fee: Let the initiator expire the bounty by paying a fee!
  • Spawn corpses on death
  • A funny ( configurable ) message gets displayed above the corpse
  • Corpses are customized with the players head / weapon / armor
  • Corpses can be looted
  • Automatic despawn when the lootable inventory is empty / after a certain time
  • Only allow opening them with Shift + Rightclick
  • Attach StatTraks to items.
  • StatTraks count the kills you make with a weapon.
  • Whitelist for materials that can have a StatTrak attached to it
  • Configurable Vault price
  • StatTrak bound to an owner / Owner can be changed
  • Allow / Disallow kill count on a different owner.
  • Inspect command for weapons.
  • Indicates, how much damage you have dealt
  • Drops an fake item, which shows the damage dealt
  • Detects critical hits
  • Works for both players and mobs / animals
  • Message and item can be customized
  • Entity type blacklist
  • Setup a warmup time for certain commands
  • Warmup will be displayed (in seconds) in the actionbar
  • Warmup will be cancelled if the player has moved
  • Count kills / deaths / combatlogs / killstreaks
  • Calculate K/D ratio
  • Rank your players in the tablist
  • Create ranking holograms ( Known from big servers )
  • Group your data ( e.g Save stats from your minigames / faction servers in the same database! )
  • Give points for kills / deaths / combatlogs ( can be negative )
  • Spend your points in a shop ( Shop addon )
  • Auto save stats
  • Reset your stats
  • Disable the ranking system in certain worlds
  • Create pvp intervals (time periods) in which the pvp is enabled per world
  • Use real world time or ingame world ticks
  • Support for all timezones
  • Title + Chat message when a period has started / ended
  • Notification when you are standing in a non pvp worldguard region.
  • Notification when the next pvp period starts
  • God / Gold apple cooldown
  • Customize all god / gold apple effects
  • Customize the gold / god apple recipes, ingame!
  • Option to let your players eat apples instantly
  • Prevent K/D farming
  • Configure on how many times a player can be killed
  • After the victim got killed as much as you have configured from the same attacker, the attacker cant hit the victim anymore (For a configured time)
  • Run commands such as /kick on kill abuse!
  • Create multiple spawnpoints in your world
  • The spawnpoint saves your facing direction
  • After death, you will get teleported to the nearest spawnpoint
  • Implemented respawn protection with a configurable time
  • No item pickup during respawn protection
  • Automatic respawn on death ( No death screen )
  • No void ( Automatically teleport your players when they fall into the void )
  • Teleport back to your latest death location
  • Option to disable teleporting back to a running fight
  • Apply a custom name to every spawnpoint.
  • Permission system so you will only get teleported to spawnpoints you have a permission for!
  • Potion Blacklist: Disable certain potions completely or just during combat
  • Tier support ( e.g you can ban just instant damage tier 2 )
  • Disable invisibility potions during combat
  • Potion Stack command to stack potions
  • Option to instantly drink potions*
  • Enchantment Blacklist: Disable certain enchantments completely or just during combat
  • Tier support ( e.g you can ban fortune tier 3 )
  • Automatically ban higher tier enchantments ( e.g if you blacklist sharpness 5 you cannot use any higher sharpness enchantments than sharpness 4 )
  • You can have your totem of undying everywhere in your inventory in order to use it.
  • Disable totems completely or only during combat.
  • Totem Usage cooldown.
  • Personalize totems of undying with your custom potion effects!
  • Give rewards for kill streaks
  • Give rewards for single kills
  • Give rewards for killing mobs / animals
  • Execute commands / run titles / send actionbar messages
  • Permission based
  • Drop the players head on death
  • Configurable percentage
  • Money penalty when the head drops ( Fixed amount or percentage of the bank account! )
  • Run commands when the head drops
  • Bypass permission
  • The trophy can be sold with /sellhead. The player then gets the money that the victim has lost!
  • Head can be transfered directly to the killer
  • Give money to the killer
  • Remove money on pvp death
  • Remove money on combatlog
  • Remove a percentage from the bank account of the player on combatlog / death
  • Remove money when your head drops
  • Money limit to prevent players from getting a depts
  • Money on death can be transfered directly to the killer, so no new money gets generated
  • Spawn a NPC if you log out
  • NPC drops the inventory of the logged out player when killed
  • If your npc is killed, you die on your next login
  • NPC type can be customized
  • Support for Citizens and Sentinel (For NPCs that fight you back)
  • Option to spawn ghostplayers only in pvp allow regions
  • Whitelist regions in which the ghostplayers can spawn
  • Fight information in a cool gui
  • Damage dealt / taken
  • Assistants
  • Health left
  • Used potions
  • Location of the fight
  • Inventory snapshot of the killer / victim
  • Display your opponents health either below their name or via a bossbar
  • Use a custom health icon
  • Change the color of the bossbar
  • Change the health message of the bossbar
  • Create your own death messages
  • Create multiple death messages per death cause. The message then gets printed randomly!
  • Display weapon names and use placeholders
  • Prevent spaming your chat with death messages by only sending them to the killed player
  • Curse filter for weapon names + admin notification if a player used a cursed weapon name!
  • Save your data in a mysql database ( perfect your multi-servers )
  • Save your data in a sqlite database ( Save disk space )
  • SSL connection to the mysql server
  • Edit ALL settings ingame in a cool gui
  • Just one simple click to edit boolean settings
  • Selector menus for easy string and list configurations.
  • You cant mess up the configuration due to wrong string formatting
  • Integer settings are no longer to big or to tiny due to a hard coded range!
  • Change the language on the fly via a nice gui
  • German, English, Polish, French and more!
  • No reload or restart needed!
  • Create command aliases for the commands of the plugin
  • No hard coded messages
  • Auto lang.yml updater.
  • Configure custom placeholder messages
  • Apply particle / sound effects to tools
  • Hex Colorcode support
  • Placeholder API support for all messages
  • Headshot indicator
  • Disable worlds
  • Update notifications
  • Support for many other plugins ( List below )
  • Amazing support ! ( Link below )
* Requires plugin from the "Supported plugins" list.
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