★★★ EnhancedPay | Supercharge Your In-Game Economy ★★★

GOLD ★★★ EnhancedPay | Supercharge Your In-Game Economy ★★★ 1.1

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EnhancedPay: Revolutionizing Economy and Statistics
Welcome to EnhancedPay, the ultimate plugin that transforms how players interact with in-game currency and server statistics. With its intuitive GUI and feature-rich payment system, EnhancedPay takes your server's economy to a whole new level.

Key Features:
  • Clickable GUIs: Engage with our interactive and visually appealing GUIs, powered by ClickableHeads. Explore player statistics, check balances, and perform transactions effortlessly.
  • Customizable Messages: Tailor messages for a personalized touch. Use placeholders to display dynamic information about balances and transactions.

  • Baltop Leaderboard: Stay competitive with the Baltop leaderboard. See who's at the top of the financial ladder in real-time.

  • Dynamic Templates: Customize your GUI templates to match your server's theme and style. Create an immersive experience for your players.
Server Statistics at Your Fingertips
EnhancedPay provides an easy-to-access statistics page for players to check their progress. From total money earned to the number of mobs killed, our plugin keeps players informed and engaged.


Manage Your Wealth
View your balance with a single click and make payments to other players seamlessly. EnhancedPay makes in-game transactions more interactive and user-friendly.

  • epay.use -> This allows the users to perform /bal /baltop /pay

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: Can I customize the GUI templates?

A: Yes, you can! Edit the template file specified in the configuration to match your server's theme.

Q: Is EnhancedPay compatible with other economy plugins?
A: EnhancedPay is designed to work with Vault, making it compatible with various economy plugins.

Q: How often does the Baltop leaderboard update?
A: You can configure the refresh rate in seconds to control how often the Baltop leaderboard updates using the /enbaltop command.

Q: How does ClickableHeads enhance the player experience?
A: ClickableHeads is a powerful tool for creating interactive GUIs. It allows you to design visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that players can interact with easily. EnhancedPay leverages ClickableHeads to provide an immersive and engaging experience for checking statistics, balances, and making transactions.

Experience the future of in-game economics and statistics management with EnhancedPay. Download now and elevate your server's gameplay to new heights!

Dependencies needed:
  1. Vault
  2. ClickableHeads Library
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