Free The Archangel new

    This pack contains: Archangel (Boss): 18 animations + 4 modeled & animated skills. Comes with a total of 9 melee attacks, 9 skills, and 2 phases. Archangel’s Sword Model (Item) Archangel’s Spear Model (Item) 16 custom sound effects Resource pack included Skills: Melee Attacks: Diagonal...
  2. Julia Dev

    Free Zoro's 3 sword style swords 1.6.1 – 1.18

    Hi, buyer this product included 6 swords from the character name Zoro in one piece. 3 swords are the normal version of Zoro's sword and the other 3 are the haki version with the moving haki aura texture. This product comes with the .json file and ready-to-use texture pack that works with the...
  3. Julia Dev

    Free HubPvPSword | 1.8-1.17 SUPPORT 5.2

    A player holds their sword to get ready for their PvP-Mode to get activated. Once activated, the player can PvP other players who also are in the PvP-Mode! You can right-click with the sword to cast a magic spell. If you would like to test the plugin yourself you can join...