61 bedwars maps

  1. R


    Map Description: MineBlaze server authorization lobby with parkour! Map information: - The map supports ALL versions. - The map is used as a lobby. Download: - The download archive is in .zip format. - The archive contains a map (1.16.4) Price: - 9$ | IS FREE Map screenshot: How to...
  2. Julia Dev

    GOLD [-50%] 61 BEDWARS MAPS 1.9

    Supported versions: 1.8 - 1.18 Max map size: 150x150 Cost: $11.99 SHOW ALL PICTURES Includes: • Emeralds, Diamonds, Starting resources spawners • Place for bed • Places for shopkeepers You will get: • Archive with x61 schematics: 1.8 version • Archive with x20 schematics: 1.12 version...
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