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XLAutoSell is a plugin designed to be very easy to use and allow server owners to properly manage their server and all the features. The plugin also has a pretty easy to use API that your servers developer(s) can use for whatever they want.

Here is a list of some of the features this plugin provides.
  • AutoSell functionality that automatically sells blocks mined. Takes into account Fortune and Silk Touch enchantments.
  • AutoPickup functionality that automatically picks up blocks mined. Takes into account Fortune and Silk Touch enchantments.
  • *NEW* Support for detecting custom fortune enchant level.
  • Sell command that is used to sell the ItemStack the player is currently holding in their hand.
  • SellAll command that is used to sell all the items in a player's inventory.
  • *NEW* SellAll can sell items from Minepacks Backpacks.
  • *NEW* SellWands that can be given to users that allow them to sell all items inside a container.
  • Come with the ability to globally turn off all functions (AutoSell, Sell, SellAll, AutoPickup, SellWand).
  • Allows admins to configure the plugin in-game through commands.
  • Very easy to use the Shop Multiplier system.
  • Region Whitelist/Blacklist for shops.
  • World Whitelist/Blacklist for shops.
  • Multiplier administration commands.
  • *NEW* Clips AutoSell Shop Converter!
  • Shops have a priority system.
  • Shops can have a permission requirement.
  • *NEW* Option to disable sale of items with ItemMeta present.
  • AutoPickup has a Block Whitelist/Blacklist.
  • Configurable permissions.
  • Configurable messages.
  • Item Lookup command to see the material name and material data.
  • *NEW* Condense Wand used to condense Ingots or other items into Blocks or whatever items you want. It's configurable.
  • Custom Events (AutoPickupEvent, AutoSellEvent, SellAllEvent, SellEvent, UsedSellWandEvent)
  • Easy to access API (XLAutoSellAPI)
Soft Dependencies
WorldGuard, Vault, TokenEnchant, Minepacks

Commands & Permissions
Spoiler: AutoPickup Commands
Spoiler: Sell Commands
Spoiler: Multiplier Commands
Spoiler: SellAll Commands

Spoiler: SellAll Commands

Spoiler: AutoSell Commands
Spoiler: Shop Commands
Spoiler: SellWand Commands
Spoiler: CondenseWand Commands
Here are some images of the plugin:
Spoiler: images
If you have any feature requests or ideas you think would be good for the plugin, don't hesitate to tell me about it in our Discord Server!

Discord: https://discord.lewisdev.fun

Please contact me on discord if you are using WorldGuard 7+.
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