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Spoiler: PARA BRASILEIROS (clique aqui)

Compatible plugins:
  • Holograms with top Lands. (no dependencies)
  • BossBar in land actions. (1.9+)
  • Chuck's map in chat.
  • New system of discoveries of regions.
  • Create regions for protection.
  • Token system for the purchase of extra land.
  • Time for the terrain to expire (if the player stops playing.)
  • Pagination in help commands.
  • Command to turn on AutoClaim mode. (and walking and protecting).
  • Land chat between members.
  • Auto Complete commands.
  • Top Lands system based on the value of blocks.
  • Dynmap support.
  • Protection for multi-world terrain.
  • MYSQL, SQLITE and YAML storage options.
  • Particles and effects.
  • Add or Remove members.
  • Ban and Unban members.
  • Fully configurable Gui menu system.
  • Actions for players in GUI menus and commands.
  • List of Members, Banned Users and People within the land in menu Gui.
  • Set individual spawn for terrains.
  • Allow or deny actions by members within the grounds such as: using enderchest, using chests, using anvil, using enchantment tables, using desks, using funnels, using beacons, using doors and enderpearl
  • Allow or deny external actions by land such as: water flow, lava flow, piston, leaf decay, fire spread, mob spwawning, pvp, break and place events, tnt explosions, mob griefing, mob damage and item Pickup.
  • Turn on or off solo or terrain group mode.
  • Option for players to edit the world or protect protected land.
  • Land limits by permissions.
  • Particles, titles and actionbar without external dependencies.
  • Command prices.
  • Hex, Gradient and Rgb color system.
  • Add regions where players cannot protect lands (uclans regions)
  • and more...
Placeholders with PlaceholderAPI:

Spoiler: Placeholders List:
How to add regions?

Spoiler: Regions:

How to use Hex Colors?

Spoiler: HexColors:
Spoiler: HexColors:

Commands and Permissions:
ULands admin commands:
/uland help - Show help menu.
/uland reload - Reload the plugin.
/uland setkickspawn - Set location for kicked players.
/uland rtp <player> - Send the player to a random location.
/uland addtoken <player> <amount> - Adds tokens to players.
/uland wand - Receives a wand.
/uland clearwand - Clean the wand points.
/uland expand - Expands the set values.
/uland addregion <name> <desc> - Adds a region.
/uland removeregion <name> - Removes a region.
/uland listregions - Lists saved regions.
/uland tpregion <name> - Teleports to a region.

ULands player commands:
/land gui - Open the gui menu.
/land top - Shows the Top Lands.
/land chat - Toggle Land Chat.
/land map - Chat shows around Chunks.
/land autoclaim - Change the auto claim mode.
/land update - Update land points/dynmap.
/land rtp - Teleports to a random terrain.
/land info - Shows terrain information.
/land base <number> [tag] - Teleports to a land of clan.
/land claim - Claim the terrain where you are.
/land unclaim - Unclaim the terrain you are on.
/land unclaimall - Unclain all clan lands.
/land setspawn - Set current land spawn point.
/land list - Show your land list.
/land flag <chunk> <flag>:<true|false> - Edit land flags.
/land addmember <player> - Add members to the land.
/land removemember <player> - Remove members to the land.
/land ban <player> - Ban players from the field.
/land unban <player> - UnBan players from the field.
/land show - See the boundaries of the land.


Standard files:

Easy API for Developers:


To call the API just call the instance.
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