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PvPManager is made to be an all in one PvP plugin. Meaning that instead of using multiple plugins that change/customize the PvP experience in your server you would just use one.
More suggestions are always welcome, although new features are usually added to the premium version first.
All the features have multi world support and can be enabled/disabled according to your liking.

  • Toggle PvP on/off with a command!
    • Block placing lava/fire near players with PvP off!
    • (The premium version has even better protection including bed/crystal/anchor explosions)
    • Protects you from any kind of PvP including splash potions!
  • Prevent PvP Log with various punishments!
    • Drop inventory, armor or exp, apply a money penalty or kill the player!
    • It can also broadcast and log to a file when someone pvp logs!
  • Tag System!
    • Block use of enderpearls, interacting, commands while tagged
    • When you enter PvP your nametag will change color/prefix
    • The message/action bar will display the person you tagged/tagged you.
  • Newbie Protection!
    • New players are PvP protected(Or PvE if enabled in config).
    • Also can block them from picking up items!
  • Disable Fly/GameMode/Disguises/Invisibility on combat!
  • Auto Soup!
    • Soup is instantly consumed and heals you.
  • Anti Border Hopping!
    • Players can't run to safe zones while tagged.
    • Supports most zones including WorldGuard, Factions and Towny.
  • Anti Kill Abuse!
    • Killing the same player several times over a period of time will trigger a command.
    • That command is up to you. Kick, Ban, etc
  • Respawn Protection!
    • Stop those spawn killing players for a few seconds
  • Money Rewards/Penalties!
    • Execute a command on player kill
    • Reward money to the killer or take from the killed
    • Steal money from the player you killed
    • Optionally do nothing inside certain WorldGuard regions (arenas)
Other Features
  • Blood animation on hit
  • Block placing lava/fire near players with PvP disabled
  • Block Commands and Enderpearls while in combat
  • Block Placing blocks while in combat
  • Detects Auto Disconnect hack and still punishes the player
  • Transfer a player's item drops directly to his killer
  • Can be disabled in specific worlds
  • Everything is very configurable including messages
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