PremiumVanish - Stay hidden [+Bungee support]

NULLED PremiumVanish - Stay hidden [+Bungee support] 2.7.15

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With PremiumVanish you can be fully invisible and undetectable for other players while being more efficient at your administrative work

PremiumVanish is not just a regular vanish plugin.
It makes you undetectable and provides tools which help with catching rule-breakers. It's designed to be complete, secure and reliable.

It doesn't use the standard way of hiding players - it uses packet interception with ProtocolLib(which is a dependency) to prevent any information about vanished players from being sent to other players.
This is much more secure and complete than the conventional method since it acts like a firewall between the server and other players which actually checks every packet of information sent to other players and doesn't fully rely on Bukkit's hidePlayer() mechanism, which is incomplete and not fully optimized for vanish plugins (conventional method doesn't intercept ping update packets, doesn't intercept all tab-completions, etc).

To complete the illusion of you not being online, PremiumVanish can modify the outcome of other plugins' commands, provides support for Bungeecord, adds custom placeholders to lots of plugins and includes direct support for many popular plugins.

There are lots of features and tools to make catching griefers and hackers as easy and quick as possible(details below). With this plugin, you can check what 20 players are doing in less than one minute!

Most significant features:
  • Fully hides players on packet level which is much more secure and cant be broken by other plugins (Hidden in the game, tablist, playercounts, serverlist, etc; It's exactly like you are not online)
  • You can specify which player can see which player more precisely using layered permissions, e.g. nobody but the owner can see admins but admins can still see mods and mods can see each other; you can change your vanish level at any time with a command
  • You can toggle spectator mode to glide through walls or teleport to players by simply pressing shift twice
  • There is a customizable scoreboard that shows information about a target (nearest or specific player) which is highlighted using a glow effect in-game which only you can see
  • Full Bungeecord support which hides invisible players in /glist, /server and /find
  • PremiumVanish can be configured to modify the outcome of other plugins' commands to support its functionality (primarily to fake "Player not found" messages)
  • You can limit what vanished players can do based on permissions
  • You can optionally configure PV to hide players only in the tablist or only in the game. You can use "/pv -t" to only be hidden in-game and not in tab.
  • There is a HUGE config file which can customize anything (seriously, check it out)
  • Support for lots of plugins by implementing the APIs of popular vanish plugins, providing full placeholder support and hooking into many popular plugins
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