PinataParty - Interactive Event! ✨ AIO Voting System ✨ [1.12.x - 1.19.x]

Free PinataParty - Interactive Event! ✨ AIO Voting System ✨ [1.12.x - 1.19.x] 2.63.1

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Natively built on 1.15.x but works on 1.12.x - 1.15.x

PinataParty is a plugin that summons a Pinata with a command or when a certain vote goal is reached just like other VoteParty plugins but this one is interactive due to players hitting a pinata to gain rewards!


  • Config settings such as rewards, llama characteristics, pathfinding, spawn locations, offline voting, max player hit damage, hit cooldown and more!
  • Full regular voting rewards with offline queuing. Reward players even when they vote offline
  • Pinata Abilities such as teleporting, knockback and more! (Feel free to suggest more!)
  • Pinata Pool where players can pay for a pinata instead of voting or as well (Can be disabled)
  • Hit Damage permissions give certain players extra hit damage on the Pinata
  • Regular plugin updates with bug fixes
  • Highly efficient with performance in mind since the start and highly optimized, if you see any timings/heap reports with PinataParty being an issue, send me over the information and I will do my best.
  • Placeholders support. Perfect for scoreboards or on your tab.
  • Anti-Stuck protection. The Pinata will teleport back to its spawn location if it doesn't get hit or falls into the void
  • Simple API for developers
  • and many more...
Spoiler: Config.yml

For rewarding players on vote and auto-summon (I highly recommend not to use the normal Bukkit Votifier due to old code and exploits)
GlowAPI & PacketListenerAPI Make the Llama glow random colours
PlaceholderAPI For the placeholders
Vault + Eco Plugin like EssentialsX For /PinataPool

All dependencies are soft but you need them to enable certain features.
You don't need to use the voting feature since you can summon the Pinata with commands which can be used on other voting plugins.

  • %pinataparty_votes_left% displays the number of votes before a pinata summons automatically.
  • %pinataparty_votes_needed% displays the total amount of votes needed to summon a pinata.
  • %pinataparty_current_votes% displays the current amount of votes.
  • %pinataparty_votes_total% displays the player's total amount of votes.
  • %pinataparty_money_left% displays the money left needed to summon a pinata.
  • %pinataparty_money_needed% displays the total money needed to summon the pinata.
  • %pinataparty_current_money% displays the current amount of money.
For developers, there are a few events.
PinataDieEvent, PinataSpawnEvent and PinataPoolDepositEvent

Commands & permissions


  • /pinataparty summon summons a party llama at your location.
  • /pinataparty spawn <location> summons a party llama at a location saved in the config file.
  • /pinataparty reload reloads the config file.
  • /pinataparty killall kills all alive pinatas.
  • /pinataparty testvote <player> send a "fake" vote to the player
  • /pinataparty shows the help page.
  • /pinatapool shows the current and total money pool
  • /pinatapool <money> adds money to the pool to summon a party llama
  • pinataparty.admin gains access to the pinataparty commands like reload, killall, summon etc.
  • pinataparty.pool gains access to the pinatapool commands.
  • pinataparty.update-notify get a message if there is an update on join.
  • pinataparty.hitamount.(amount) the amount is the hit damage the player will do, no permission defaults to 1 (Make sure the max hit in config is the max permission you will give!)
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