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PinataParty - Interactive Event! ✨ AIO Voting System ✨ [1.12.x - 1.19.x]

NULLED PinataParty - Interactive Event! ✨ AIO Voting System ✨ [1.12.x - 1.19.x] 2.48.3

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  1. 2.48.3

    • Misc internal refactoring, including some minor optimizations and renaming.
    • Updated PlaceholderAPI to 2.11.2.
    • Removed Pinata#getBossBar as it's been deprecated for a while now, use Pinata#getHealthBossBar.
    No config changes.

  2. 2.48.2

    • Small internal refactoring.
    • Tweaked the PinataPool name on startup.
    • Replaced validate with preconditions.
    • Added a precondition to check the provided cumulative type.
    • Moved the cumulative type enum into its own class.
    No config changes.

  3. 2.48.1

    • Moved internal classes around into their own packages such as objects and enum.
    • Moved a bunch of internal code into a Common util.
    • Moved and optimized the event and command registration internally.
    • Fixed util classes able to be constructed.
    • Cached the nano number format.
    No config changes.
    • Cleaned up the color config setting's comments to be more clear and not have to be uppercase.
    • The Pinata color can now be set to "Random" to pick a random color on each spawn.
    • Added some missing notnull annotations.
    Config changes

  4. 2.47.0

    ---------------- Waterworks ----------------

    • Changed the testvote command description in the help command.
    • Improved the singleton creation for the main class.
    • Cleaned up some config comments about the Llama color.
    • The plugin is now built against 1.19.
    • Added a new "Waterworks" particle style.
    • Removed the quotations on the particle style config setting to match other...

  5. 2.46.0

    • Added /pinataparty modifyvote <player> <add/remove/set> <amount> that will add, remove or set a player's vote count, does not give rewards.
    • Added a check to make sure we are never adding a negative number when increasing the player's vote count and will fire an IllegalArgumentException.
    • Some internal method name changes.
    No config changes.

  6. 2.45.0

    • Fixed a bunch of internal and config settings using the incorrect primitives. This caused a few issues such as some abilities only having 1/2/3 seconds as their length instead of 1.32/2.51/3.87 seconds for example.
    • Updated the config to add a .0 to values that support decimal points to show that they can.
    • Changed the countdown length to ticks from seconds.
    • Added a count interval config setting to config when the player the sound for the countdown boss bar.

  7. 2.44.0

    • Fixed the ability type in the ability API event not being final.
    • Fixed some API events not having cancelled boolean field false by default.
    • Cleaned up a bunch of API event names and formatting.
    • Developers: Removed VoteReceivedEvent(String) and VoteReceivedEvent#getUsername as they have been deprecated for a long time now. Use VoteReceivedEvent(Vote) and VoteReceivedEvent#getVote -> Vote#getUsername respectively.
    • Moved to a static VersionHelper...

  8. 2.43.2

    • Fixed a harmless error on plugin disable if you never had a pinata spawn or had glowing disabled in the config.
    No config changes.

  9. 2.43.1

    • Fixed a 1.12.2 error when applying the speed potion from speed up ability.
    No config changes.
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