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NULLED dtlTradersPlus 6.4.14

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  • Easy way to setup and manage shops using a GUI
  • Make/edit your shops just by drag and drop
  • 3 types of shops: 'Sell', 'Buy' and 'Trade'
  • 2 types of item content: 'static' and 'trade'
  • 1 powerful trader type: "trader" (/trait trader) bind the dtlTraders shops with citizens(2) NPC's
  • Support of vanilla and custom NBT/DataTags
  • NBT/DataTags makes custom item from 3rd party plugins possible
  • Advanced users can customize there own items using the configs.
  • Allows stack trades
  • ANY economy plugin support
  • Compatible with spigot/bukkit 1.8 - 1.15.x
  • Change descriptions and names of your items
  • Add trading limitation ono items like "limits"
  • Customize your shops with "default shop" and "toggle shops"
  • Adjust shop interaction with "custom input amount" and "stack shift"
  • Make your rank based shops with custom "permissions"
  • More navigation buttons and GUI modules with a aim to "One GUI"
New features on Version 6.0.0:
  • Control the text you see on items with "custom display text"
  • Toggle "Item drop" allowing items to be dropped when inventory is full on buy/sell/trade
  • Toggle "Sell all items" that allows to sell the remaining items
  • "Broadcast message" allows you to customize or toggle the public messages on buy/sell or trade
  • Change page names included
  • Improved "One GUI" with Categorized Settings, Live view of Changes and a smoother, fancier look <3
  • Even better handling of shop functionalities
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