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BetterRTP-Addons | Add even more features to the Legendary random Wild Teleport plugin

NULLED BetterRTP-Addons | Add even more features to the Legendary random Wild Teleport plugin 1.8.3

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BetterRTP Addons adds multiple features that have been requested by other users but don't have a proper place in the main plugin. Instead of adding bloatware to the BetterRTP plugin, it's been decided it would be better to add such small features into a plugin of its own and have it evolve as time goes on. Any new addition requested by a user will be added on here instead of the main plugin if such feature is not suitable for the main plugin. Please feel free to recommend additions to the BetterRTP plugin here!
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- Extra Effects: Add the ability to teleport players multiple blocks above a safe block (free fall)
- Flashback: Teleport a player back to their original location after a set amount of time, even add warning messages in intervals.
- Logger: Add an incredible amount of debugging when configuring and even log the locations where players where teleported to, commands and more.
- Magic Stick: Add an item to players inventory, when clicked, they will be rtp'd, and the item can be taken away after the teleport.
- Portals: Create simple rtp portals, allowing players to instantly teleport without delay or cooldown when using a portal.
- Local Database: All addons store their data in a local sql database.
- Commands: Add a list of commands to execute from console when a player gets randomly teleported.
- Parties: Adds the ability to rtp with friends! Make a party by inviting others and have all players ready up before randomly teleporting! Use the `/rtp party` for more!
- RTP Menu: Get a GUI showing a full list of permissible worlds a player can rtp into, takes over the base `/rtp` command. Make sure to configure the worlds to go into this list!


- #1 - Download/Purchase the latest BetterRTPAddons jar file.
- #2 - Install any dependencies below so first installation works flawlessly.
- #3 - Upload all files into your "/plugins" folder.
- #4 - Reload/Restart your server, configure and execute "/rtp reload" and you're set!

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- BetterRTP (v 3.2.3+): A plugin used to randomly teleport players around in any world specified. Also the main plugin used to add all features above with its provided internal api.


- ProtocolLib: A library that allows read and write access to the Minecraft protocol. (Used to show portal locations when creating a portal)


[ ] = optional < > = mandatory
All commands are attached to the BetterRTP plugin commands!

Command: /rtp portals loc1 - Set first corner for new portal
Permission: betterrtp.addon.portals
Command: /rtp portals loc2 -
Set second corner for a new portal
Permission: betterrtp.addon.portals
Command: /rtp portals create <portal_name> [world_destination] - Create a new portal after setting loc1/2
Permission: betterrtp.addon.portals

Command: /rtp portals remove <name> -
Remove a portal by name
Permission: betterrtp.addon.portals
Command: /rtp portals list -
List all portals placed
Permission: betterrtp.addon.portals

Command: /rtp magicstick give -
Give an rtp stick to a player
Permission: betterrtp.addon.magicstick
Command: /rtp party [...] -
Invite, kick and ready up for a party rtp!
Permission: betterrtp.addon.party


- betterrtp.addon.magicstick - Ability to use the magicstick command
- betterrtp.addon.portals - Ability to use the portals command


  • You may NOT distribute this plugin!
  • You may NOT copy this code and claim it as yours!
  • This plugin is open source, you are able to compile it if you would like to get this plugin for FREE
Please leave a 5 Star Review if you like it! Please don't use reviews to post bugs
Please post bugs/errors in the Discussion page! Please leave me suggestions to add on to the plugin to make it even better!
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