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[15% SALE!] AdditionsPlus | Custom Commands, Menus, Tablists, Scoreboards, Items & more |

NULLED [15% SALE!] AdditionsPlus | Custom Commands, Menus, Tablists, Scoreboards, Items & more | 2.7.4

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Features (detailed description)
  • Custom Commands
    • Register commands
      • Registered commands show up while tab-completing.
      • Registered commands can also be executed from other plugins.
    • Command Arguments
    • Compatible with the console
    • Aliases {NEW}
    • Custom plugin names for tab-completion. {NEW}
    • Command suggestions when typing an invalid command. {NEW}
    • Permissions
    • No Permission message
    • Cooldowns
    • No Cooldown message
    • Actions
  • Custom Menus
    • Custom menu title
    • Placeholders in menu title
    • Left-click actions for items
    • Right-click actions for items
    • Custom size
    • Custom open permission (message)
    • Custom open cooldown
    • Open actions
    • Close actions
    • Apply a command to the menu to open it in-game.
    • Register menu opening commands {NEW}
    • All items are configurable
    • Supports custom model data
    • Supports custom additions items using ci-ITEMNAME
    • Supports HeadDatabase/player heads
    • Supports ItemsAdder items {NEW}
    • Enchantments
    • Each item can now have its own cooldown! {NEW}
  • Scoreboards
    • Animated lines support! {NEW}
    • Supports (MVdW) PlaceholderAPI
    • Per World / General
    • Togglable per player
    • Anti-Flicker
    • Supports HEX and Gradient colors!
    • Up to 32 chars on 1.8-1.12
    • Unlimited characters on 1.13+!!
  • Nametags
    • Group-based
    • Animated
    • Permission-based
  • Create custom tablists
    • Per World
    • Supports (MVdW) PlaceholderAPI
  • Custom Player Names In Tab
    • Animated
    • Animations are in sync among all players with the same tag
    • Unlimited groups
    • Orders - Highest order gets to be the tag (0 is high)
    • Supports (MVdW) PlaceholderAPI
  • Create custom items
    • Cooldowns for items
    • Left-click actions
    • Right-click actions
    • Non-left-right-click actions
    • Everything of an item is configurable
    • Supports HeadDatabase/player heads
    • Supports custom model data
    • Supports ItemsAdder items
    • Enchantments
    • Item options for customizing your items even more, such as anti-moving, anti-drop, and more.
    • Colorable armor
    • Custom potions (effects, colors)
  • Create custom books
    • Book title
    • Book item name
    • Book item lore
    • Custom author
    • Custom generation (original, tattered, copy_of_copy, copy_of_original)
    • Inventory Slot (for giving the book)
    • Unlimited Pages
  • Interval actions
    • Random interval
    • Editable interval (in ticks)
    • Unlimited interval actions
  • Create custom signs
    • Supports color codes.
    • Supports PlaceholderAPI placeholders.
    • Per player placeholder support.
    • Actions when clicking the signs
  • Event Actions
    • 38 custom events
    • Perform actions when an event is being fired
    • Custom join message
    • Custom leave message
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