1.8 - 1.19 ✨ AdvancedAuctionHouse ✨Auctions & Item Categories! ✨

NULLED 1.8 - 1.19 ✨ AdvancedAuctionHouse ✨Auctions & Item Categories! ✨ 1.5.2

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Advanced Auction House is the first Lightweight Auction House plugin with sorted item categories and extreme configurability. This plugin takes auctions to new heights with possibilities.

  • Auction Items - Sorted
    • Extremely useful and aesthetical auction view to quickly pick which items player is looking for, all which are accessible through main menu.
    • Searching functionality implemented within the main menu inventory to find items faster.
    • Create categories, to which items get sorted.
    • Smart filter (configurable in config.yml) to list filtered items without having a clutter list of materials (example can be found here)
    • Filter items depending on their data!
      'MOB_SPAWNER <name contains>Pig</name contains>' Would allow filtering of Pig spawners only for certain auction category. Allowed filters: name contains, name equals, lore contains, lore equals - more documentation can be found in config.yml
    • Remove items auctioned by other players by shift-clicking the item(s)!
    • NEW! Disable categories and make the plugin act like normal auction house plugin - one category with all items! [disables main menu]
  • Extreme Configurability
    • Configure each aspect of the plugin, from commands, to item slots!
    • Plugin command is completely configurable through config.yml with it's aliases, description or main command fully changeable - make your auction feel more like it's a part of your server.
    • Each message that you will see is configurable.
  • Made for quick configuration
    • Load the plugin up and you will receive a text file 'materials.txt' with list of materials applicable for your minecraft version - no longer have issues figuring out which material belongs to which minecraft version when configuring, now always know!
    • Configuration is readable to humans, memory is sorted in a way so you can change it yourself (custom storage set)!
  • Great Support
    • Join our Advanced Support discord to get support from 400 members!
    • Quick plugin fixes provided right after an issue is confirmed.
  • Configuration Auto Updater
    • Never worry about so many updates this plugin gets!
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