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⭐Ultimate Factions v2 ► Unique Faction Plugin ◄ ✅ [1.8 - 1.19] ✅ | ✨ [Fully Configurable] ✨

NULLED ⭐Ultimate Factions v2 ► Unique Faction Plugin ◄ ✅ [1.8 - 1.19] ✅ | ✨ [Fully Configurable] ✨ 2.1.0

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  • /faction help [page] - Help Command
  • /faction create <name> - Creates a faction
  • /faction join <faction> - Accepts an faction invite
  • /faction leave - Leaves your faction
  • /faction ignores - Opens a GUI with all of your ignored factions
  • /faction ignore <faction> - Ignore the faction invites
  • /faction unignore <faction> - Removes a faction from your ignores list
  • /faction map - Shows a map of the surrounding chunks
  • /faction mapsize <width> <height> - Change the size of the map
  • /faction info [faction] - Shows your factions informations
  • /faction playerinfo <player> - Shows information about the player
  • /faction rename <name> - Sets a new name for your faction
  • /faction description <description> - Changes your factions description
  • /faction settings - Change some default values of your faction
  • /faction invite <player> - Invites a player to your faction
  • /faction uninvite <player> - Revoke an faction invite
  • /faction chunksee - Shows the chunk border
  • /faction claim - Claims a chunk
  • /faction claimat <x> <z> - Claims a chunk at a specific position
  • /faction unclaim - Unclaims a faction chunk
  • /faction autoclaim - Claims a chunk while walking through it
  • /faction chat - Toggle chatmode
  • /faction setwarp <name> [password] - Sets a faction warp with optional password
  • /faction warp <name> [password] - Teleport to the specific warp
  • /faction warps
  • /faction sethome [-f] - Sets your faction home
  • /faction home - Teleports you to your faction home
  • /faction ranks - Shows your factions ranks
  • /faction setrank <player> - Sets a players faction rank
  • /faction promote <player> - Promotes a player to the new faction leader
  • /faction chest - Opens the faction chest
  • /faction ally <faction> - Adds an faction to your ally
  • /faction list - Opens a GUI with all factions
  • /faction kick <player> - Kicks a player out of your faction
  • /faction truce <faction> - Adds a faction to your truces
  • /faction neutral <faction> - Removes any relations with a faction
  • /faction bank - Shows your factions balance
  • /faction deposit <amount> - Deposit money into the factions bank
  • /faction withdraw <amount> - Withdraw money into the faction bank
  • /faction upgrade - Upgrades your faction level
  • /faction disband - Disbands your faction
  • /faction safezone - Edit the safe-zone
  • /faction warzone - Edit the war-zone
  • /faction siege <faction> - Starts a siege
  • /faction fly - Toggles fly mode inside your faction territory
  • /faction fill - Fill any container with TNT out of your inventory
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