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When you rightclick the AngelChest, your inventory will be restored. If not all items can be stored (because you picked something up after respawning), the remaining items will be left in the chest and you can decide which items you want to take/leave behind. You can also directly open the chest via shift-rightclick if you wish to take only some items (see screenshots at the bottom of the description). Once the chest is emptied or the duration is reached, it will despawn and drop the remaining items.

Players can have more than one AngelChest. They can teleport themself to their chests, or fetch the chests to oneself (see permissions below). You can also set a custom price for spawning, opening, teleporting to or fetching the chest to use with economy plugins (only if you have Vault installed).

It is also possible to limit the cases when a chest spawns, e.g. you can disable it for lava deaths or during PvP, or disallow it from being locked or collecting XP during PvP, in certain WorldGuard regions, etc.

All messages are 100 % customizable. Also the config file includes more than 130 options!
  • This version includes all features from the outdated free version of AngelChest, plus many awesome additions! For example:
    • Using custom items instead of money!
      • Create custom items to use instead of money for spawning, opening, fetching or teleporting to AngelChests!
      • Configurable crafting recipes! Supports ALL available crafting types (furnace, smoker, campfire, shapeless and shaped crafting table, smithing table, ...
    • Graveyards!Players can be sent to a graveyard instead of having their AngelChest spawned at their death location!
      • Create your own graveyards, as many as you want!
      • Custom chest materials and holograms per graveyard
      • Custom potion effects for players in graveyards
      • Custom weather and time for players in graveyards
      • A thousand more options!
    • Complete GUI for your AngelChests with configurable buttons etc.
      • GUI can automatically be opened after death
      • GUI can either be automatically opened for the latest chest, or a list of all chests
      • Showing the GUI can be disabled if the player neither has permission for fetching nor teleporting to the chest
    • Option to give players a custom map with the location for their last death chest!
    • Ability to show the death cause in the hologram (Killed by <player>, Killed by ZOMBIE, Killed by LAVA, etc.)
    • Custom WorldGuard Flags: You can allow/disallow the spawning of AngelChests per region directly via WorldGuard flags.
    • Fine-grade control about who can open protected chests: owner-in-pvp, owner-outside-pvp, killer, others or per group
    • Every player can disable or enable spawning of AngelChests if they have the permission "angelchest.toggle"
    • Option to automatically unlock protected chests after a specific amount of time
      • Configurable per group or globally
      • You can set different materials for protected and unprotected chests if you wish to
      • The protected/unprotected status can also be shown in the hologram, including a countdown for automatic unlocking
    • Added item blacklist. Blacklisted items will behave just like they would normally do on death. You can blacklist items by lore, material and/or name.
    • "max-tp-distance" and "max-fetch-distance" options
      • Configurable per group
    • Option to preview chest contents in the GUI
    • Option to play the "Totem of Undying" animation whenever an AngelChest is spawned
    • Option to open a chest with shift+rightclick to only take certain items instead of looting everything
      • You can also swap the hotkeys, so that fast-looting is done via shift-rightclick while a normal rightclick opens the death chest normally
      • It's also possible to completely disable auto-equipping of armor when using fast-looting
    • Option to drop player heads on death
      • You can limit this to PvP deaths and decide whether the head should go into the chest or drop next to it
    • Ability to show AngelChest's owner a message when other players open or empty their chest
      • Can be disabled in the config
    • A million new config options! For example:
      • dont-protect-chest-if-player-died-in-pvp
      • allow-chest-in-lava / allow-chest-in-void
      • collect-xp (can also be set to "nopvp" so experience will drop normally during PvP deaths)
    • Ability to log all AngelChest spawns / transactions to separate files
    • Option to spawn the chest with a specific chance only (e.g. setting it to 0.5 means you have a 50/50 chance of having an AngelChest spawned on death)
    • Per group prices for fetch / teleport / chest spawning / chest opening
      • You can also use percentages! E.g. using "0.1p" means players have to pay 10% of their current bank account balance
    • Configurable amount of xp loss (percentage) per group
    • Option to make players invulnerable for X seconds when teleporting to their chest. Controllable per group
    • Playing sound effects when fetching or teleporting to AngelChests
    • Better config updater
    • More control over the holograms
    • Literally unbreakable chests - not even /setblock or WorldEdit can destroy chests
    • Even when the server crashes or if the process gets killed, AngelChest can remove "dead" (leftover) holograms on the next start
    • Support for almost any third party plugin!
    • 100% configurable command names / aliases
    • Way better performance
      • Async chunk loading when players teleport to their chest
      • Completely new hologram mechanism that is way faster and stops updating holograms in unloaded chunks
    • Many more features, I always forget to update this description^^
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