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NULLED ✸ LobbySystem 2 | Hub System [1.8.8 - 1.19] | SUMMER SALE 15% ✸ 1.3.9

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LobbySystem 2 is not just a simple LobbySystem.
It also has some cool features to make it stand out from the other solutions on the market!
The most special features are listed here.

Extremely many Settings - So many Settings were never available in a LobbySystem!
Change messages how you like, adjust item prices to your
liking, rename items to your liking and much more settings.

Customize your lobby - Lots of settings to customize your lobby to your liking.

Everything is saved - The LobbySystem saves the Settings of the Players on a MySQL Database.
If there are several lobbies, the same settings will always be loaded.
These include the settings, items purchased, pets, effects and more.

Integrated Shop - Our Integrated Shop offers the Player cool stuff like
gadgets, effects, pets and much more to buy with their Coins.

Duel system NEW - Players can challenge each other in the lobby
be it a 1vs1 duel or a jump and run duel or a fun duel there is something for everyone.

Holiday events - If there is a holiday, the LobbySystem adapts
and there is a small feature for the appropriate holiday.

Daily Reward - There are two different daily rewards, one
for regular players and one for players with specific permission.

BossBar - Show any message in the integrated BossBar.

Version compatibility - Your server is on version 1.8.8 or 1.19 no problem!
LobbySystem 2 works from version 1.8.8 up to 1.19.
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