✨ Ore Regenerator ✨ { Supports ALL Blocks } [1.8 - 1.18] ⭐ ItemsAdder Support ⭐

NULLED ✨ Ore Regenerator ✨ { Supports ALL Blocks } [1.8 - 1.18] ⭐ ItemsAdder Support ⭐ 1.2.30

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This plugin adds a great feature to your server, the ability to have blocks respawn / regenerate after they're broken. Worried about a block shortage? Regenerate the blocks! Want to encourage PVP in specific regions? Setup a dedicated mining area!

  • Regen / Respawn Broken Blocks
  • Per-Block Replace Materials
  • Customizable Respawn Delays
  • Region-Specific Respawn Zones
  • ItemsAdder support
  • Deny Block Breaking in Regen Zones
  • Remove Protected Blocks in Creative Mode
  • 1657385061164
  • /or help : View all commands (Permission: oreregen.help)
  • /or wand : Give yourself a wand to claim regions (permission: oreregen.admin)
  • /or region save <name> [<permission>] : Save your region with an optional break permission (permission: oreregen.admin)
  • /or region remove <name> : Remove a region (Permission: oreregen.admin)
  • /or reload : Reload your config file (Permission: oreregen.admin)
  • /or debug : Right clicking a block will tell you it's material name (useful for modifying config) (Permission: oreregen.debug)
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