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✓ Farm Limiter

NULLED ✓ Farm Limiter 1.5.3

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Farm Limiter prevents players from making abnormal mob farms, limiting groups of near entities of the same type. This is a common issue on survival servers. Farm Limiter is able to limit many types of mob farms, such as:
  • Friendly mob farms, counting hundreds of entities pushed into a very tight space.
  • One block wide automatic chicken farms, which generate a lot of lag.
  • Mob grinders with spawners, counting dozens of monsters when the players do not harvest them.
  • The plugin will search occasionally mob farms that are too big for the rules and remove exceeding mobs.
  • The plugin will give priority to entities with certain characteristics (tamed, named, saddled, etc.).
  • Option to completely ignore tamed or nametagged entities.
  • Customizable rules, check interval and broadcast message.
  • You can disable all the rules and use the plugin manually, periodically using "/farms search" to list the biggest entity groups, and eventually remove them.
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