♛ SpleefX ♛ - [Spleef, Splegg, Bow Spleef, Perks, Upgrades, Shops, And much much more!]

Free ♛ SpleefX ♛ - [Spleef, Splegg, Bow Spleef, Perks, Upgrades, Shops, And much much more!] 4.9.3

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We all miss the old days, the 2013-AntVenom videos and the nostalgia of childhood. And here, we bring you a modern yet familiar minigame for reliving your amazing moments in the past.

SpleefX is a regularly updated and maintained, heavily customizable plugin for running spleef, splegg and bow spleef games! It comes with a built-in economy, perks, shops, abilities, upgrades, statistics and leaderboards to blast up your player experience!

  • ⚡ High-performance and optimization
  • Built-in spleef, splegg, and bow spleef modes, each with its own set of settings
  • Fully configurable messages
  • Post-game statistics summary


  • Per game-mode configuration
  • Grace periods and scheduled commands
  • Game abilities, such as double-jump and triple-arrows
  • Teams & FFA support
  • Post-death arena spectating
  • Player statistics with a GUI
  • Leaderboards for your players to flex!
  • Multi-world support
  • Multi-arena support
  • Fast and automatic arena regeneration
  • Special SpleefX economy (Vault supported), with shops, upgrades and perks
  • Extremely simple to setup and configure
  • An extensions system to allow you to create your own minigame modes
  • Clean and easy-to-understand documentation
  • Support for many plugins:
    • Vault
    • Multiverse-Core
    • MultiWorlds
    • WorldEdit + AsyncWorldEdit
    • FastAsyncWorldEdit
    • WorldGuard + WorldGuard Extra Flags
    • PlaceholderAPI
For a full list of features, check this wiki page.

It's correct, there are indeed free alternatives, however:

  • They could be unstable or non-functional
  • They are often abandoned by their authors
  • They may not support newer versions of Minecraft
  • Not performance-friendly or user-friendly
But, we:

  • Aim to provide the most stable and functional experience
  • Provide live support through the Discord server and the discussion area
  • Actively release updates, take most of the user suggestions into consideration, and run polls to communicate effectively with customers.
  • Support all new Minecraft versions as they come out.
  • Take performance very seriously and continuously optimize our work
  • Ensure that, despite the countless features and configurable options, the plugin is simple and easy to use and setup by all types of users regardless of their experience.
For more information, visit this wiki page.

SpleefX comes with a handful of commands, each one with its own permission.

See this wiki page for a complete list of each command and its corresponding permission.
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