☄️ GrantX ~ Revolutionize Permission Management (/grant, /grants) ☄️

NULLED ☄️ GrantX ~ Revolutionize Permission Management (/grant, /grants) ☄️ 2.4.5

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» Grant Procedure
The biggest feature of GrantX is the /grant command. It allows staff members to easily grant players either a rank or permission node, along with a custom duration and reason. You can also specify which specific server the grant should be applied to (if you are creating a network). Once you have selected everything, you will be asked to confirm your action.

So, to summarize:
  1. Select a player.
  2. Select a rank.
  3. Select a server (optional, global by default).
  4. Select a duration.
  5. Select a reason.
  6. Confirm your action.
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