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LPX AntiPacketExploit AntiNettyCrasher

LPX AntiPacketExploit AntiNettyCrasher 3.2.3

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Apr 14, 2022
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MC-PLUGIN submitted a new resource:

LPX AntiPacketExploit AntiNettyCrasher - Protects your server from crash packet exploits

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Description of the LPX plugin:​

LPX is a next-generation exlayer protection tool that will protect your server from attacks by clients such as MetaClient, Jessica, YSK, GasClient, Jigsaw and more. It is constantly updated and always on the move of all anti-exploit. It is used by more than 800 servers (now there will be more :))

LPX plugin features:​

  • ✅Avoid NettyCrashers, prevents exploits from blocking...

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