HCF Classes (1.7-1.18)

HCF Classes (1.7-1.18) 5.2.6

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Apr 14, 2022
MC-PLUGIN submitted a new resource:

HCF Classes (1.7-1.18) - Preset classes such as bard, rogue, archer, miner and the ability to create custom classes.

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HCFClasses is a plugin that allows you to set up custom classes and effects. You can use preset classes such as "Bard", "Archer", "Miner" and more that allow you to have custom abilities or you can choose to create your own. Classes can be loaded on command or are enabled when you wear the configured set of armor.
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Teams Hooks:
  • AdvancedClans
  • AdvancedTowny
  • ASkyblock
  • BSkyblock
  • BetterTeams
  • Clans...

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