1. _bunny

    Free FancyWaystones - Waystones, Waypoints, Warpstones - A Teleporter, Location Marker, and Fast Travel 1.1.35

    Supports version 1.9.✘1.10.✘1.11.✘1.12.✘1.13.✘1.14.✘1.15.✘1.16.✘1.17.✘1.18.✘1.19.✘1.20.✘ Official page FancyWaystones is a spigot plugin that allows your players to fairly teleport to another location. It uses economy...

    Free FancyWaystones 1.0.87

    Teleport using economy Fairly charge the player for the teleportation they had. Private Waystone Only the waystone placer can use the waystone. Perfect for hiding secret base. Regional Waystone Only allow players that have build access to the place where the waystone is placed. Supports any land...
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