Weapons & Tools Little Cat into The Star Animated Weapons, Tools & Cosmetics Set New

    Little Cat into The Star Animated Weapons, Tools & Cosmetics Set This Collection contains Weapons – Sword – Bows (3 Steps) – Crossbows (4 Steps) – Shields (2 Steps) – Spear – Staff – Hammer Tools – Axe – Hoe – Pickaxe – Shovel – Fishing Rod (2 Steps) Equipment – Hood (custom plugins or...

    Free FlameCord - Ultimate Antibot System 1.6.7

    FlameCord is a BungeeCord and Waterfall fork that protects your server from bot attacks and exploits done to your Minecraft Server by minimizing the impact received by those with our advanced set of antibot filtering features. FlameCord improves your server performance and reduces your CPU usage...

    Free Boosters ⭕ EULA-Friendly Global Buffs ✅ Jobs/Skills/Sell Multipliers ✨ Create your own 5.18.0

    See this plugin running on my server! (Latest Version) Image Transcription: Your server needs to make money to survive, but everything you’ve found seems to give severe competitive advantages, and that doesn’t seem fun. Boosters fixes this. Whenever a player activates a booster...
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