Free AACBungeeConnect [AAC] [AACAdditionPro] 1.6.8

    AACBungeeConnect v1.6.8 Made in Switzerland Please read ALL of the overview CAREFULLY before purchase! By purchasing AACBungeeConnect you confirm you have read the entire overview and you agree to the ToS below. If you want to support me further, then feel free to donate me a coffee or...

    Free Easter Season - Egg Hunt 1.1.0

    Why us? Satisfaction - Years of work are reflected into high quality product with high rating score. Flexibility - The whole plugin is able to customize just for your expectations. Support - Fast & Friendly support is ready to solve your troubles. What challenges are waiting for players...
  3. SOHAM

    NULLED Head Database 4.17.3

    Head Database is a fast and user-friendly plugin that allows you to obtain thousands of custom Minecraft skulls that feature unique designs. This easy-to-use heads plugin gives you access to creative designing opportunities that overall enhance the quality of your builds, and gives creative...
  4. SOHAM

    GOLD MySQL Player Data Bridge 4.10.0

    A bukkit/spigot plugin to share any player data across servers. You can share data as: Economy accounts, Inventory and Armor, Enderchest, Potion Effects, Experience, Health and Food levels, Game Mode and Location. More data to sync will be added in time, if you have a request then post it in the...
  5. SOHAM

    NULLED PlayerControlPlus | Save and Inspect players Activity on your Server [1.8-1.19] 3.9.2

    WHAT CAN I DO WITH PLAYERCONTROL+? The plugin will constantly save what your players do on your server/network. If someone writes something in the chat, executes a command, kills a user, even craft some item, the plugin is going to save it. Using the /pc check command you will be able to see all...
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