Free Animation Overhaul 0.0.2

    This repository is for various improvements I'm making to Minecraft's entity animations, all packed into one Fabric 1.18 mod. I try to comment my code the best I can, but if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions my DMs are always open on Discord (trainguy#9512). Current Progress...

    Free Physics Mod Pro v84

    You can get access to the Pro version of the Physics Mod by becoming a patron over on: Supported platforms: Windows, Linux and MacOS (ARM CPUs only work in compatibility mode) Snow Physics and Liquid Physics BETA are not compatible with Optifine, use Iris +...
  3. rishikesh

    Free Download plugin StatsMC Tops for any stats in your discord server 1.0

    Bot commands: Custom: - st!help - Show help message - st!guide - Show instructions for using statistics commands - st!example - Show examples of using and searching statistics commands - st!commands - Show basic statistics commands Administrator: - st!start - Bind the bot to the...