Free [1.7 & 1.8]Spigot (Knock-back, Hit-Detection & Potting) new

    If you're wondering why so cheap; it's because there's no point in overcharging when in general this community (potion pvp) is being ran by terrible servers like velt that are only in it for the money and nothing else. if you can create a good project with a solid spigot why not give the...
  2. Julia Dev

    Free KnockbackFFA Minigame [50% Easter Sale] 8.1

    -> [1.13.x && 1.14.x] in Beta, i do not have reports of bugs and i think that work correctly! -> [1.15.x-1.16.x] Experimental can found bugs or problems, i cannot play and test in their versions. Need help? Join My Discord: Support SQLite and MySQL Bungeecord...
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