Free ✨ExtraStorage✨ Create virtual storage for your player | Oraxen and ItemsAdder support 3.1.6


    Free 16x, Minecraft, Discord & Streamer Extra 3 Steve Emojis New


    Free Download Emojipedia – Custom Pixel Art Style Emojis 1.0

    Sales: 51 Included in this pack: Pixel Art Emojis 163 unique emojis 16×16 and 32×32 variations Pre-Made Configurations: ItemsAdder drag and drop config Oraxen drag and drop config Also Included: Raw files Installation and usage guide Free support via Discord All emojis work with and...

    Free zAuctionHouse - Discord | Add server auctions to your server's discord server 1.0.5

    A discord bot that allows you to have information about your discord # How to configure the plugin 1. You must create a new application on the develop discord panel. 2. Check that the bot has the permissions below: 3. Download the latest version of the plugin. 4. Add the plugin to...
  5. rishikesh

    Free Download plugin StatsMC Tops for any stats in your discord server 1.0

    Bot commands: Custom: - st!help - Show help message - st!guide - Show instructions for using statistics commands - st!example - Show examples of using and searching statistics commands - st!commands - Show basic statistics commands Administrator: - st!start - Bind the bot to the...
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