cracked plugins

  1. admin


    License System | An explanation comes to the bottom of the page! Cosmetics | Proyectil Effects (You can add more) Victory Dances (16) Final Kill Effect (14) Sprays (You can add more) Cries (You can add more) Shop Keppers (You can add more) Kill Messages (You can add more) Glyphs (NEW! You can...
  2. SOHAM

    NULLED ✨ GambleBarPro | The Perfect Gambling Solution✨ 1.8.9

    GambleBarPro is a plugin that allows for players to participate in games of chance for an opportunity to win rewards! GambleBarPro allows players to buy gambling drinks from a bar via command, /bar. When a player right-clicks their drink, they will either win or lose, depending on the odds of...
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