1. _bunny

    GOLD Matrix AntiCheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.19 | 1k+ Purchases 2024-03-19

    Supports version 1.8.✘ 1.9.✘ 1.10.✘ 1.11.✘ 1.12.✘ 1.13.✘ 1.14.✘ 1.15.✘ 1.16.✘ 1.17.✘ 1.18.✘ 1.19.✘ 1.20.✘ Official page Documentation Description of Matrix anti-cheat: This is a rewritten Matrix anti-cheat, from the same developer, but it is in...

    Free Karhu Anticheat 2.7.5

    Lightweight, customizable and reliable Minecraft anticheat solution for 1.8-1.18. Karhu detects large variety of cheats including killaura, reach, speed and much more! Test Karhu on our server or buy the trial package to test on your own server!

    GOLD KarhuAC | 1.7.10-1.18.1 1.9.30


    NULLED Verus Anticheat (Premium Version) b2451

    About Verus Verus is an advanced packet based minecraft anticheat, made to perform at any player count, on any server version between 1.7 and 1.17, without any performance overhead. Verus mainly operates on the netty threads, by doing this we're not putting any unnecessary load onto the main...

    NULLED RayzsAntiCrasher-v2.2.2-ALPHA | LEAKED ANTICRASH | (1.8-1.19.x)⚡ RAC v2.2.2

    What you can do, if my anticrash is blocking innocent people? In a situation like this, i will please you to write my private on spigotmc and sent me what is happening by starting the following action. Remember. I also need the kickreason on a situation like this. Then you can go to the...
  6. SOHAM

    NULLED AntiCheatAddition 8.2.5

  7. Julia Dev

    GOLD GodsEye AntiCheat | Advanced Detection Build 62

    Note currently recoding the plugin, that means that we are going to be off the normal updates schedule for a while (there will be updates, but they will be slower than normal) What is GodsEye GodsEye is an Advanced Modern Cheat Detection System. GodsEye's main goal is to detect cheaters...
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