GOLD (50% SALE) ♦ FACTIONS SERVER ♦ {Custom Plugins | Latest Mechanics} New

    * ABOUT * Very high quality setup with all the features you need to start a server and gain popularity since it includes all the latest server mechanics and features that players love. With the balanced economy and lag less setup of the server that is able to hold over 200 players, you are...
  2. SOHAM

    NULLED InfiniteBuckets 1.0

    With this little plugin you can place infinite water or lava with a bucket, all you need is a bucket with infinity on it you can get one easily with /ib infinity water or /ib inifnity lava
  3. SOHAM

    NULLED FactionsUUID

    Check out our new website! This project is the same as the old Factions version and we intend to keep the original functionality intact as much as possible. That being said, we've decided to offer a few enhancements including: Command System Overhaul Scoreboards Using placeholders...
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