Free EcoShop 1.17.0

    What is EcoShop? EcoShop is a server shop plugin with every feature that you could want. Multiple currencies support, custom item support, item economy support, single-purchase items, item buy limits, paged shops, multiple shops, multiple buy options - the list goes on. If there's ever something...

    Free ULTRAMINIONS CONFIGURATION ➜ 39+ MINIONS ✨ | Shop Menu| 40 Skins| Food | Fuels 2.1

    Simple configuration, Simple and customizable messages ✅Premiun Plugin Required UltraMinions ✅ 43 Skins Shop - DeluxeMenus Shop ✅Minions Shop ✅40 Minions Spoiler: Minions ✅Farmer - Weath - Potato - Carrot - Beetroot - Nether Wart ✅Miner - CobbleStone - Coal - Iron - Gold - Nether Gold - Lapis -...
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